Sheet Metal Design Services

We deliver high quality Sheet Metal Shop Drawings and Fabrication Drawings to create world class parts and products.

Sheet Metal Shop Drawings

Accelerate your Sheet Metal Design and Drawing process by using our expert team to augment your in-house team

Whether you are looking to speed-up your project pace or looking to create a functional and durable product, our Sheet Metal Design Services meets all your requirements. We help you design sheet metal parts, products and assemblies and create precise fabrication drawings that can be used directly by CNC machines to fabricate the product.

Our designers take utmost care to create stylish and unique sheet metal product designs while keeping its functionality in mind. No matter what industry you belong to, you gain the flexibility and capacity to augment your sheet metal parts design and fabrication drawings cost-effectively and quickly by outsourcing to us.

Component/Product Design

Our Sheet Metal Design Services include designing various types of enclosures, outer body parts, vessels/containers, parts/components, etc. We are equipped with the latest technological infrastructure that allows faster completion of projects with enhanced revision control and in turn, shortens the lead time from conceptualization to manufacturing.

CAD Solutions

Tesla has a rich experience in executing sheet metal design projects accurately. We ensure that all the projects are virtually designed using high-end 3D CAD software. Our Sheet Metal Modeling Services lets you envision the design and help in removing imprecisions and eliminating errors.

Shop Drawings

Sheet Metal Shop Drawings are integral and an important part of a manufacturing process. Our Sheet Metal Shop Drawings Services are availed by metal product fabricators, manufacturers, distributors, contractors and roofing companies for the creation of detailed fabrication drawings.

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Our Process
Here’s an overview of our flexible Sheet Metal Design process.

The starting point of a sheet metal design project is to understand the client requirements and identify design parameters and specifications on its basis.
Next, our Mechanical Design Services considers the functional capabilities and aesthetics of the product in order to create the design that follows DFM guidelines. Simultaneously, we go through various calculative analysis to get the optimum design.
We generate a 3D model of sheet metal component by using the derived details in the designing phase. We create Edge, Base, Miter, Swept Flanges and Bends (including sketched bends, lofted bends, etc.). We use Forming tools to create features like louvers, ribs, embosses, lances, and extruded flanges.
Along with Fabrication Drawings, we use Mechanical Drafting Services to create nesting drawings, 2D flat drawings, laser cutting reports, weldment designs, etc. for welding and cutting processes.

Range of Industries that we serve

  • Aerospace
  • Automobile
  • Electronics
  • Power
  • Transport
  • Heating and Cooling Systems
    Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Textile
  • Nautical
  • Medical Devices
    Medical Devices
  • Furniture Design
    Furniture Design
  • Telecom
  • Architecture and Construction
    Architecture and Construction

Key Differentiators

By Outsourcing Sheet Metal Designing Services to Tesla, you can leverage our experience and advanced technological capabilities.