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Tesla Mechanical Designs is a prominent Sheet Metal Design Services providing company that catering to the sheet metal design requirements of its clients in USA, UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia. We leverage advanced technologies to design, model, and document complex sheet metal products.

We provide Sheet Metal Shop Drawings Services that can be customized based on your requirements of standards and templates to match your company standards. We are experts in designing all kinds of sheet metal products ranging from a simple sheet metal bracket to complex sheet metal enclosures.

Sheet Metal Design Services include:

Sheet Metal Enclosure

Sheet Metal Design Services

Our Sheet Metal Design Services include designing various types of enclosures, outer body parts, vessels/containers, etc. We are equipped with the latest technological infrastructure that allows faster completion of projects with enhanced revision control and in turn, shortens the lead time from conceptualization to manufacturing.

Sheet Metal Modeling

Sheet Metal Modeling Services

Tesla has a rich experience in executing sheet metal design projects accurately. We ensure that all the projects are virtually designed using high-end 3D CAD software. Our Sheet Metal Modeling Services lets you envision the design and help in removing imprecisions and eliminating errors.

Sheet Metal Shop Drawings Services

Sheet Metal Shop Drawings are integral and an important part of a manufacturing process. Our Sheet Metal Shop Drawings Services are availed manufacturers, roofing companies, distributors, metal product fabricators, and contractors for the creation of detailed drawings.

What is Sheet Metal Design Services?

Sheet Metal is a term that refers to a flat piece of metal (of varying thickness) that is formed by an industrial procedure. It is one of the basic forms that is used in metal works as sheet metal can be cut and bent into desired size and shape respectively. Depending on the thickness of the sheets, the terminology defers. Sheets that are very thin (less than 6 mm or 0.25 inch) are termed as foil or leaf while sheets thicker than 6 mm or 0.25 inch are called as metal plates or structural plates. Sheet Metal Designing Services are employed by manufacturers to create various objects such as HVAC Ductwork, various enclosures (such as refrigeration unit cabinets, medical storage units, etc.), building facades, signs, etc.

Sheet metal designing enables the efficiency of manufacturing cycles. We provide professional Sheet Metal Designing Services that are compliant with the industry standards, which is very important, as it aids businesses optimize and expedite their production process.

Our Sheet Metal Design Portfolio

Sheet Metal Design Services for Diverse Verticals and Industries

  • Automobiles
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Industrial Plants
  • OEM and Equipment manufacturers
  • Building Products manufacturers
  • Wood & Metal Furniture manufacturers
  • Fabricated Metal & Alloy manufacturers
  • Oil & Gas

Key Differentiators

By Outsourcing Sheet Metal Designing Services to Tesla, you can leverage our experience and advanced technological capabilities.

  • Quick and efficient design of all kinds of sheet metal parts
  • Use of latest technologies
  • Advanced engineering infrastructure
  • Viable rates and fast delivery
  • Complete Data Security and Confidentiality of your Data
  • Single point of contact
  • Adherence to deadlines
  • Fluent English speaking team