Product Design and Development

Our industrial designers, engineers and product development experts work together to create innovative and inspiring products.

We are a Product Design and Development company specializing in creating unmatched product experiences.

We are a complete solution provider for all your product development needs. We have the expertise to bring your idea into existence. With total product development and IoT solutions under one roof, you will gain unparalleled level of accountability throughout the entire design, engineering and development process.

Whether you are working on a simple consumer product or a complex machinery or looking to integrate IoT, our understanding and ability to forecast consumer trends is incomparable. The outcome? A product that reverberates with the users and stays in the markets for years to come.

Product Design Services and Prototyping
We bring innovative ideas to the market.

Product Strategy

Right from the stage of conception, we work with you to tailor a specific product strategy that suits your requirements. We establish product strategy based on market insights that will enable you to take informed decisions throughout the product development process.

Product Design

Our team of engineers and designers create, validate and refine product design to develop an innovative and exemplary product that meets your needs. We balance functionality and logic with aesthetics and creativity in all our designs.


Mechanical and electrical engineering along with material selection drives our product development process. With a wealth of engineering experience, we make sure that the product is flawlessly manufacturable and meets the user’s functional requirements.


We create prototypes that can help you take informed decisions. Our design, build, test, and repeat process ensures unparalleled outcome for our clients. Whether you require precise models or functional prototypes, our prototype design abilities meet all aspects of prototype development.

Our Process
Here’s how we develop a world class product.


The starting point of any product development project is a strategic session with the client where we prepare a blueprint of the path and the expected outcomes.


Next, we analyze the existing product, if any and research the market to gain valuable insights that eventually helps us to create an unmatched product experience.


Equipped with industry knowledge and product information, the product begins to gain shape as we design, model and engineer the product.


We adjust the product design and refine the model based on various simulations that we perform. At this stage, the model is ready for creating a prototype, which is further refined if required.

Product Development Specialities
Range of Products that we develop


We match the pace of technological advancements for all IoT products such as enterprise solutions, wearables to smart home devices, IoT components, etc.

Plastic Products

Our engineers and product designers create innovate plastic products that significantly improve the user experience and match their requirements.

Portable and Rugged Products

Developing rugged and portable products requires specialized skills and close multi-disciplinary integration to augment the complex development challenge; very well fulfilled by Tesla.

Key Differentiators

Tesla Mechanical Designs leads your thoughts and ideas into new product design development along with multiple viable options. We can help to build exceptional designs with our technical acumen in product design and development field along with added advantages:

  • Customized designs as per your requirements
  • Carrying out in-depth analysis like FEA, CFD
  • Appropriate standards used as per country laws
  • All safety measures are taken into consideration in the analysis
  • Designs as per your approval
  • Single point of contact for your project communication