Machine Design Services

Tesla is a prominent Mechanical Designs Company delivering expert Machine Design Solutions for 13+ years.


Tesla Mechanical Designs offers hi-tech and innovative Machine Design Services to a global client base spread across the US, UK, Europe, Australia and Canada.

Tesla harbors highly experienced and competent set of mechanical engineers and designs who tirelessly dedicate their vast knowledge, skills and expertise to develop inspiring machine designs. They conduct thorough market research to analyze market conditions, technological innovations, competition, latest industry standards, etc. to create optimized machine designs that are guaranteed to gain quick acceptance.

We have immersive industry experience of providing our clients with quality machine design services using latest technology and updated software. Our dedication to maintaining the highest levels of data security and client confidentiality has helped us earn the name of a reputed and trusted Mechanical Designs Company.

Our team of professionals maintain frequent and clear client communication throughout the project course by conducting virtual meetings with clients and providing them with regular work in progress models. We assure strict adherence to client specifications and inculcation of their ideas in all our machine designs.

Customized Machine Design

Tesla develops sophisticated customized machines that give high performance, quality output and operational efficiency. Our team of multidisciplinary experts develop machine designs keeping in mind smooth functioning as well as a convenient prototyping and manufacturing process.

Machine Design for Lathes

We harbor the right knowledge and skillset for machine designing and development of standardized as well as custom lathes. With the constant support and determination of Tesla’s team of competent mechanical engineers and designers, we guarantee flawless design output.

Machine Design for Mills

To develop high quality products, milling is necessary and to ensure development of such high-end products, it is crucial to avail the appropriate machine designing solutions. Tesla Mechanical Designs is a one stop solution for all your Machine Designing for Mills.

Other CNC Machine Design

We offer machine design and development services for all types of CNC machining requirements. Our wide area of expertise in CNC machine designing solutions includes canner cycle, sheet metal works, and plasma cutters, 3D printing, glass cutting, oxy-fuel, and so on.

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Outsourcing Machine Design Solutions to Tesla provides you with a host of additional benefits

Tesla harbors a highly trained, experienced, skilled and competent team of professionals that maintain uncompromising quality in their outputs. They also take strictest measures against breach in data security and client confidentiality that is otherwise hard to achieve.
With a team of experts constantly undertaking projects of similar nature, Tesla has gained significant experience over 13+ years that allow us to deliver unique, edgy and fully functional machine designs at competitive prices in quick turnaround time.
Tesla prioritizes quality and utility for all their Machine Designing projects. All our projects are highly precise and information rich, enabling a seamless manufacturing process. This has allowed us to obtain, retain and maintain a loyal customer base spread across 25+ countries.
Team Tesla duly conducts thorough research at the beginning of every project to analyze market condition that helps us develop superior machine designs. This provides a competitive edge to our customers in the form of optimized designs that improve efficiency.

Range of industries that we serve

  • Automated assembly machinery

  • Building and construction

  • Process industry plant and equipment

  • Tools and Tooling

  • Heavy engineering

  • Automotive industries

  • Railway industries

  • Printing industries

  • Textile industries

  • Farm industries

  • Valve industries

  • Machine builders

Key Differentiators

Tesla is the one stop solution for all your 2D Mechanical Drawing requirements. We transfer abstract concept ideas to sound technical reality better than anyone and here’s why: