Mechanical Component Design Services

We, at Tesla stand true to our potential by employing our vast resources and expertise into delivering highly detailed, accurate and superior designs for parts and components of mechanical nature.

3D Modeling Services

Tesla Mechanical Design has a global client base across the US, UK, Europe, Australia and Canada for unsurpassed Mechanical Component Design Services provided to a wide variety of industries.

Our expertise lies in transforming abstract ideas and concepts into reality by employing our extensive skills, knowledge and resources. We create designs keeping n mind functionality as well as aesthetics to resonate with our clients’ vision. All our designing and modeling stages involve clear and constant client communication to ensure their requirements are duly met in our designs

We have 7+ years of extensive and immersive industry experience of providing our clients with unrivalled Mechanical Component Design Services by making use of the best and the latest technology and softwares. Our highly trained and competent team of mechanical engineers and designers empower us to produce a wide array of designs that our clients can choose from.

We ensure strict adherence to client specifications and latest industry standards. We exceed expectations by providing exceptionally intricate and precise deliverables to our clients at competitive prices in quick turnaround time.

We are the industry leader at providing unmatched top-notch

Mechanical Component Design Services that include

Automobile Part design

We design parts and components for automobiles keeping in mind performance, durability and utility to end users. We harbor the appropriate mechanical expertise to make sure our designs are highly detailed, precise and conceptually feasible.

Machine part design

Our state of the art technology and softwares combined with our in house team of the best industry minds with extensive mechanical knowledge and prowess empowers us to deliver exceptional results in the form of unique, highly detailed and precise designs for machine parts.

Product component design

Tesla has gained momentous experience in the field of designing components and parts for products such that they reflect our client’s vision and values as well as resonates with end users. We always design product components keeping in mind functionality, utility and convenient manufacturing process.

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Our Process
We put your mind at ease through our simple yet inspiring process that aids us to gain trustworthiness, retain clients and maintain relationships by delivering high quality and professional Mechanical Component Design Services.

The first and foremost step to providing superior designing services is initiated by our highly skilled and qualified professionals by understanding our client requirements and developing each of the assorted designs accordingly from which our client can choose ones that suit their taste and preference.
Next, after the final design is decided upon, our in-house CAD experts dedicate their creative aptitude and complete focus into developing a highly detailed and accurate digital 3D model of the mechanical component. This allows our clients to visualize the part and its performance even before it is made.
We keep our clients in constant loop about the project progress. We rarely ever need to make any major changes to design as it is made with constant inputs from the clients from the start. Even then, any further changes are recorded and reflected in the 3D model which is again sent to the client for approval. This cycle continues till they are satisfied with the model.
Lastly, the approved model is sent for prototyping, a process that creates a fully functional sample of the mechanical component to check its working and feasibility. Since we begin the design and model developing process keeping in mind a convenient prototyping and mass manufacturability, this stage always goes over smoothly with our clients.

Mechanical 3D Modeling Services for Diverse Verticals and Industries

  • Automobiles

  • Heavy Machinery

  • Industrial Plants

  • OEM and Equipment manufacturers

  • Building Products manufacturers

  • Wood & Metal Furniture manufacturers

  • Fabricated Metal & Alloy manufacturers

  • Oil & Gas

Key Differentiators

Our potential to provide a wide array superior and appeasing designs for our clients to choose from is fueled by numerous factors that makes us, Tesla Mechanical Design, stand out of the masses