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Tesla Mechanical Designs offers a wide range of precise 3D Modeling Services to its clients from diverse industrial sectors and requirements. Our perfect blend of technological expertise and experience is what makes us one of the most preferred Mechanical 3D Modeling Services providing company.

We provide accurate Mechanical Part Modeling, Mechanical Assembly Modeling Services, and Surface Modeling Services across a wide array of verticals and industries. Our Product Modeling Services are used by engineers and manufacturers to review the concept and finalize the product design before fabrication or manufacturing.

Mechanical 3D Modeling Services include:

Engine Block Model

Mechanical Part Modeling Services

Our 3D Part Modeling Services include 3D Component Modeling Services for automobiles, machines, machine tools, plastic components, etc., 3D Fixtures Modeling, Mechanical Part Modeling Services from conceptual drawings & sketches, Surface Modeling and Reverse Engineering 3D Modeling Services.

Gate Valve Assembly

Assembly Modeling Services

We understand the nitty-gritty of various manufacturing methods. This enables us to provide Assembly Modeling Services that meet the tolerance requirements of the manufacturing process. Our engineers are experts in delivering Mechanical Assembly Services which creates a 3D model of the final assembly displaying the proper fit, form, and function of all the parts involved.

Mouse 3D Model

Product Modeling Services

Our Product Modeling Services include 3D modeling of furniture, toys, plastic products, glass products, sports gear, mechanical tools, etc. Our Engineers are experts in providing Reverse Engineering Modeling Services and Surface Modeling Services for all kinds of products.

What is Mechanical 3D Modeling Services?

3D CAD Modeling Services is a process of creating detailed and accurate 3D models, drawings and specifications that aid the design and manufacturing of mechanical products, parts, and assemblies. 3D Solid Modeling Services enables engineers to create 3D models that precisely represent the actual objects and is used widely in creating new designs, prototyping, and reverse engineering.


  • Increases productivity of the design engineer
  • Improves the accuracy and quality of design
  • Decreases Design time
  • Better visualization
  • Better interference check
  • Compatible with International Standards

Our Mechanical 3D Modeling Portfolio

Mechanical 3D Modeling Services for Diverse Verticals and Industries

  • Automobiles
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Industrial Plants
  • OEM and Equipment manufacturers
  • Building Products manufacturers
  • Wood & Metal Furniture manufacturers
  • Fabricated Metal & Alloy manufacturers
  • Oil & Gas

Key Differentiators

Associate with experts in Mechanical Modeling Services and gain the unparalleled advantage of Tesla’s technological acumen and experience. By Outsourcing 3D Modeling Services, you can focus on your major tasks and increase your team’s productivity. Major benefits are:

  • Skilled and experienced engineers to meet your Mechanical 3D Modeling Services requirements
  • Competitive rates and quick delivery
  • Single point of contact
  • Fluent English speaking team
  • Complete Data Security and Confidentiality of your Data
  • Adherence to deadlines