Mechanical Design Services

We have the skills, technology and knowledge to design, analyze, manufacture and maintain products of varied sizes and complexities.

Mechanical Design Services

Bridging the gap between design and shop-floor

Tesla Mechanical Designs provides technically accurate and high-quality Mechanical Design Services to manufacturers, fabricators and design engineering firms. We have an expert team of Mechanical Engineers, Industrial Engineers and Designers who work meticulously to bring our client’s imagination to life.

An appropriate design is the most substantial part of the machine or component lifecycle and in order to attain this, we use various qualitative and quantitative techniques. We are exceptionally versatile and responsive when it comes to the design process of our clients. Our CAD Design Services can be used to efficiently design machines, tools and fixtures, castings, components, and molds. Additionally, we also assist our clients in planning and managing their Mechanical Design Projects, select suitable materials in terms of cost, durability & safety, and control costs and timelines of the project.

We at Tesla, understand that Mechanical Design Companies today are on the lookout for optimizing mechanical designs in to contain the rising costs and falling margins and hence, we strive to minimize our work time and achieve our targets as quickly as possible.

Mechanical Design Services

Turning your concepts into reality.

Product Design Services

Our Product Design Services begins right from researching and creating the concept to design and analysis of the product. We select appropriate materials, finishes and colors based on the functionality and aesthetic requirements of the product while keeping in mind the cost of the product.

Machine Design Services

Tesla offers complete Machine Design Services spanning from 3D modeling and technical drawings to complex Mechanical Design Projects. We design customized machines that includes assembly and packing machines, high-speed production machines, remote handling systems, etc.

Mechanical Component Design Services

We as a leading CAD Design Company, provide Mechanical Component or Part Design Solutions for new or existing components based on your requirements and ensure adequate machine and assembly clearances while maintaining accurate parts count. Right from initial sketching of the parts to detailed component design, simple to complex geometries, we design them all.

Tooling & Fixture Development Services

Tesla’s highly skilled engineers help you streamline the entire tool and fixture development process including tooling design, assembly layout, design, and validation. Our Tooling and Fixture Development Services include conventional and automatic tooling, CNC / machine tooling, holding fixtures, drilling fixtures, bonding fixtures, trimming fixtures, etc.

Mold Design Services

Outsourcing Mold Design Services to us enables you to focus on your core functions while we design and validate molds as per your requirement. Our comprehensive design solution includes 2D technical drawings, bill of material and mold validation. We design rubber molds, blow molds, plastic molds, etc.

Casting Design Services

We provide complete Casting Design Services for all types of die-cast parts including non-ferrous alloys (aluminum, zinc, etc.), cast iron, gunmetal, wood, etc. A significant part of our die casting design process is the creation of customized prototypes that adds value to your mechanical design and engineering requirements.

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Our Process
Overview of Mechanical Design Process

As a part of project onboarding our team works in association with our clients to understand their specific design need, i.e. mechanisms and processes that are to be carried out. A project plan and timeline is mutually agreed upon.
With the requisite information to go ahead, we design 3D models for better engineering insights. We use Mechanical Engineering Analysis Services to test and simulate the model before proceeding to the next step.
Once the 3D model is created we move for rapid prototyping which checks the design’s functionality and eliminates any errors in the iterative design ultimately saving cost and time.
In case any changes are required then they are taken into account and implemented in the design. Once the final design is validated it can be sent to our clients for manufacturing.

Range of industries that we serve

  • Automated assembly machinery
    Automated assembly machinery
  • Building and construction
    Building and construction
  • Process industry plant and equipment
    Process industry plant and equipment
  • Tools and Tooling
    Tools and Tooling
  • Heavy engineering
    Heavy engineering
  • Automotive industries
    Automotive industries
  • Railway industries
    Railway industries
  • Printing industries
    Printing industries
  • Textile industries
    Textile industries
  • Farm industries
    Farm industries
  • Valve industries
    Valve industries
  • Machine builders
    Machine builders

Key Differentiators

Tesla is the solution to your Mechanical Engineering Services. Our competent team and technical expertise in this field can reduce your risk by collaborating with us along with