Enclosure Design Solutions

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals and latest technology empower us to deliver superior enclosure designs that take into account utility and manufacturability.

Enclosure Design Solutions

Tesla Mechanical Designs offers superior Enclosure Design Services to a global client base spread across the US, UK, Europe, Australia and Canada.

We at Tesla, believe in progress with perfection and to ensure the same for our clients, we equip them with highly innovative Enclosure Designs. Our expert team of highly experienced mechanical engineers and designers develop enclosure designs keeping in mind optimized functionality, convenient manufacturing and aesthetic appeal.

With a succession of successful projects over 15+ years of immersive industry experience, Tesla has earned the name of a reputed Mechanical Design Company. We prioritize delivering exceptional results to our clients that exceed their expectations while maintaining the strictest level of data security and client confidentiality.

Team Tesla consists of highly professional and driven set of individuals who always stay up to date with the latest industry standards. We maintain a frequent and clear flow of communication with our clients through virtual meetings and providing them with work in progress updates. All our designs are developed with adherence to client inputs and specifications.

Mechanical Design Services

Turning your concepts into reality.

Sheet Metal Mechanical Enclosure Design

We develop highly precise and information-rich enclosure designs of sheet metal for mechanical components using cutting edge technology and latest updated software. Our designs are easy to interpret, making the manufacturing process increasingly simple and efficient.

Electrical Enclosure Design

Our team of professionals are proficient in designing enclosures for electrical and electronic components that take into account environmental protection, modern aesthetics and utility to end user.

IoT Device Enclosure Design

Our versatile team of professionals develop functional enclosures for gadgets and appliances. All our designs are held up to highest quality and designing standards that enable our clients to stand out of the competition in the market.

PCB Enclosure Design

Our highly skilled and experienced set of professionals can easily navigate through the otherwise intricately technical process of designing enclosures for printed circuit boards (PCB) and deliver the designs to our clients in quick turnaround time and at cost effective rates.

Wearable Enclosure Design

We conduct thorough market research to understand latest upcoming fashion, trends and competition that allow us to develop a superior and innovative wearable enclosure. We ensure that all our designs are lightweight, durable and enticing for consumers.

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Product Development provides a competitive edge to companies especially when partnered with Tesla.

The in-house experts at Tesla have the appropriate know-how along with the knowledge of the latest industry standards to efficiently design optimized enclosures for all your products, parts and machines.
Tesla not only assures safety, security, reliability and adherence to industry standards, but also efficient use of appropriate materials that are budget as well as environment friendly.
Our immersive industry experience allows us to determine our client requirements and design enclosures best suited to the product needs. Any and all modifications are easily adapted in the designs to optimize the utility and aesthetics of the product.

Range of industries that we serve

  • Automated assembly machinery
    Automated assembly machinery
  • Building and construction
    Building and construction
  • Process industry plant and equipment
    Process industry plant and equipment
  • Tools and Tooling
    Tools and Tooling
  • Heavy engineering
    Heavy engineering
  • Automotive industries
    Automotive industries
  • Railway industries
    Railway industries
  • Printing industries
    Printing industries
  • Textile industries
    Textile industries
  • Farm industries
    Farm industries
  • Valve industries
    Valve industries
  • Machine builders
    Machine builders

Key Differentiators

Tesla is a leading Mechanical Design Company that dedicates its top notch mechanical and designing expertise to provide unmatched Product Development Services