Prototyping Services

Tesla is a leading mechanical design firm with significant proficiency and experience in transforming ideas into fully functional prototypes


Tesla Mechanical Designs delivers swift and cost effective prototyping services to a global client base spread across the US, UK, Europe, Australia and Canada.

We believe progress and perfection to be the key to achieving optimum product design and functionality which is aptly reflected in our superior quality prototypes. Our expert team of multi-disciplinary engineers and designers dedicate their vast skills and knowledge to deliver a wide variety of product designing and prototyping services. We have an extensive and immersive industry experience of 12+ years of exceeding client expectations through unrivaled prototypes with high detailing, consistency and immaculate material finishing.

We make optimum utilization of our expansive resources and latest technology to deliver on client specifications while adhering to highest level of confidentiality. We maintain frequent and clear client communication thorough a single point of contact with regular virtual meetings and work in progress updates.

Tesla Mechanical Designs is a trusted name for efficient product prototyping services that helps its client save costs by eliminating design deficiencies and flaws in the first few trials. All prototypes developed by professionals at Tesla are guaranteed to be precise, detailed, standardized and fully functional, making them ideal for mass manufacturing. Our quick turnaround time allows our clients to capitalize on swift product development and timely market launch.

Technologies used

Tesla Mechanical Designs delivers a range of high quality Prototyping services for a global client base using various technologies.

Rapid 3D Printing

We offer 3d printing services for rapid prototyping of plastic and metal products, parts or components with a range of material and finishing options. This additive manufacturing process allows for quick prototyping, without compromising on build quality. It also proves to be affordable and free of geometrical limitations.

CNC Machining

We have tie ups with large number of CNC machining mills and centers that enable prototyping of metal parts and products. We guarantee prototyping accuracy even for products requiring high tolerance and better surface grinding.

Vacuum Casting

We use vacuum casting technique to develop prototypes of low volume and functional first run product parts that require to be made in plastic. Although vacuum cast parts are not known for their durability, we ensure high precision and detailing with excellent surface finishing that does not require post-processing.

Sheet Metal Prototyping

Addressing varied industrial requirements, we provide precise Sheet Metal prototyping services which is used for development of sheet metal parts that require cutting, bending, spinning and punching of gauge metal sheets for first testing of product components. Although being the most demanding of all, is tackled with ease by out expert team members.

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Prototypes are primarily used to develop draft copies of a product,
component or mechanism to test out its viability and functionality. It is also used for numerous secondary reasons discussed below

Prototypes prove to be of immense aid when companies want to know client’s responses and feedback for their product before officially launching it in the market in massive quantities.
Companies can evaluate concept, design, and features to enhance product utility for end users, making their audience choose their product as compared to similar ones existing in the market.
Brands can showcase their product prototypes, allowing them to accurately explain its functioning and USPs to investors. This is a common practice adopted by startups that lack the necessary funding for mass production.
Because majority of firms opt for outsourced prototyping, it helps them reap complete advantage of time and cost efficiency along with proven expertise of multidisciplinary professionals employed by the of the offshoring company.

Range of industries that we serve

  • Automated assembly machinery

  • Building and construction

  • Process industry plant and equipment

  • Tools and Tooling

  • Heavy engineering

  • Automotive industries

  • Railway industries

  • Printing industries

  • Textile industries

  • Farm industries

  • Valve industries

  • Machine builders

Key Differentiators

Tesla Mechanical Designs stands out by ensuring high quality prototypes powered by complete dedication of our team, resources and technology into delivering unrivaled services to our clients.