3D Printing Services

Tesla Mechanical Design houses best industry experts having vast skill set and knowledge base to provide high quality comprehensive 3D Printing Services.

3D Modeling Services

Fueled with an immersive industry experience of 15+ years and an in-house expert team of mechanical engineers and designers, Tesla is your one stop solution for all your 3D printing requirements

Tesla Mechanical Designs 3D Printing Services to diverse industry verticals with clients spread across the US, UK, Australia, Europe and Canada. We make substantial use of our resources including state of the art technology and software applications to provide immaculate results to our clients.

Our 3D printed models always comply with client requirements and specifications. We strictly maintain client confidentiality agreements and adherence to the latest and county specific industry standards. Our ability to deliver exceptional results stems from our dedication to make our models resonate with the ideas and vision of our clients.

We dedicate our undivided attention and focus into delivering unrivaled 3D Printing Services by constantly keeping our clients updated with the work in progress and by actively engaging them in meetings to resolve queries and doubts. We always exceed client expectations by providing them highly detailed and accurate 3D Printing Solutions at cost effective rates within the estimated time-frame.

Our Mechanical 3D Printing Services Include

We, at Tesla, deliver an array of 3D Printing Services to a global client base with extensive use of our ever expanding skills, knowledge and resources.

3D Component Printing Services

We provide 3D Printing Services for components of product and/or machine through extensive research and analysis such that a seamless user experience is assured.

3D Part Printing Services

We create 3D printed parts of a whole mechanism while keeping in mind convenient usage, assured functionality and accurate fit with the rest of the contraption.

Rapid Prototyping 3D Printing Services

We excel at bridging the direct tangent between abstract ideas and a functional prototype through our unparalleled 3D Printing Services.

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Our Process
We stand true to our title of the leading 3D Printing Service Provider in the
industry throughout seamless yet inspiring proves that motivates us to deliver unrivaled services.

Our in house trained and competent professioanls keep constant communication with our client till they have gathered all the necessary information like dimensions, color, estimated delivery time, etc. required for a seamless printing process. This stage is crucial for the process as it sets the bar for uninterrupted flow of operations.
The collected data is then studies and analyzed in depth and a plan of action is strategized that ensures smooth communication and coordination between personnel. Appropriate digital designs and models are created first with extensive client inputs to ensure high quality and detailed output for the next step.
Our dedicated team of industry experts carefully create a 3D printed model by using cutting edge technology and software applications. What sets our services apart in the market is the strict adherence to client specifications, industry standards, functionality, utility and client confidentiality of all 3D models are created by our team.
Since we ensure constant and clear client involvement from the very beginning, this stage is almost always just a precautionary one. We always deliver 3D Printing Services with deliverables that strictly adhere to client requirements and specifications. Still, any further changes requested by our clients are immediately taken care of and the final 3D printed model is delivered.

Mechanical 3D Modeling Services for Diverse Verticals and Industries

  • Automobiles
  • Heavy Machinery
    Heavy Machinery
  • Industrial Plants
    Industrial Plants
  • OEM and Equipment manufacturers
    OEM and Equipment manufacturers
  • Building Products manufacturers
    Building Products manufacturers
  • Wood & Metal Furniture manufacturers
    Wood & Metal Furniture manufacturers
  • Fabricated Metal & Alloy manufacturers
    Fabricated Metal & Alloy manufacturers
  • Oil & Gas
    Oil & Gas

Key Differentiators

Tesla Mechanical Designs stands out of the vast abundance of firms providing 3D Printing Services.
We ensure complete dedication of our team, resources and technology into delivering unrivaled services to our clients.