Computational Fluid Dynamics

Tesla Mechanical Designs provides Computational Fluid Dynamics Services to manufacturing & engineering organizations that require advanced design solutions to help realize their product promise right from ideation to realization.

With our CFD based Mechanical Engineering Analysis Services across various industries, we fill in as a significant connection for design engineers and manufacturing companies to help them achieve an optimal design that will hold up to the need of the customers. We offer our clients to improve their products way before it goes to the market by reducing rework, costs for development of prototypes.

Our team consists of CFD engineers, mechanical designers, CAD experts and industry specialists who team up provide CFD Consulting Services to our customers by creating more value for their end clients. Our designing office is fitted out with best in class equipment and proficient CFD solvers, skilled to deal with huge and complex geometries.

Tesla with its Computational Fluid Dynamic capabilities is able to perform Aerodynamic Analysis, Hydrodynamic Analysis, Multiphase Flow Analysis, Turbomachinery Analysis and many more fluid flow analyses. We perform the analysis using the most advance tools and software to evaluate equipment design and process operations.


  • Allows to evaluate a fluid flow and design performance in the real world conditions
  • CFD Analysis helps the decision makers to make confident decisions, identify the problems and optimize the overall performance.
  • Detailed analysis curves and charts, summary, conclusions, comments and suggestions from the experts.
  • Reduces costs in developing prototypes and allows you to make corrections in the design phase itself.
  • Analysis performed taking safety measures of your country into consideration
  • Cost effective prices with quality deliverables

Industries Served

Why Tesla Mechanical Designs?

  • Effective Communication
  • Compliance to Data Security
  • Technical Knowledge
  • Cost-effective Solutions
  • Accurate Designs with High-quality
  • Excellence in precision
  • Conformity to Industry Standards