2D Mechanical Drawings

Our team of expert CAD Drafters has empowered us to excel at providing 2D CAD Drafting services for our clients from the field of mechanical engineering and designing.


We deliver comprehensive and high-end 2D Mechanical Drawing Services to our clients across the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Europe

We believe in progress through precision. At Tesla Mechanical Designs, we produce reliable, accurate, high-quality and easy to understand Mechanical Drawings to clients from a host of industries. Our 7+ years of immersive industry experience combined with our highly skilled and expert team of mechanical engineers and designers empower us to work tirelessly towards achieving what our clients envisioned while strictly adhering to industry standards.

To have a well-founded and detailed plan is of the utmost importance for successful execution of any project. At Tesla, we ensure our clients never fail in their ventures by dedicating our full potential towards drafting top-notch plans for them in the form of 2D CAD Mechanical Drawings that ensure a smooth manufacturing process of machines, tools and fixtures, castings, components, and molds.

Furthermore, we assist our clients in organizing and managing their Mechanical Design Projects by selecting suitable materials in terms of cost, durability & safety. We excel at exceeding client expectations by delivering exceptional results in an efficient turnaround time, all of which is well reflected in the 300+ projects that we have successfully executed till now.

Mechanical Fabrication Drawings

We produce highly detailed and extensively precise fabrication drawings that accurately describe the product or component or system for a smooth manufacturing process.

Mechanical Part Drawings

We have the potential to create a fully-functional exact replica or even an enhanced version of the missing part or component of a mechanical device that perfectly fits into the existing mechanism.

Assembly Drawings

All our assembly drawings are drafted keeping in mind convenient and easy to understand depictions of how parts fit into their respective working positions.

Mechanical Drafting Services

We deliver unprecedented technical drawings to our customer that exactly depict how a mechanization functions, making it easy for the worker on the factory floor to understand and utilize it accordingly.

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Our Process
Our 2D Mechanical Drawing process ensures superior and time-bound deliverables

First things first. We start by determining and documenting a list of goals, tasks, processes and deliverables in a structured manner that helps our team members to carry out the entire project systematically.
Next, we identify critical data and inculcate it that helps project team to make sure that this data is saved from risk of skipping it.
We then extricate 2D drawings by designing them through extensive use of CAD, a widely used software that are cross referenced by our project leaders to ensure quality and precision.
Finally, the much awaited deliverables are dispatched to our clients within or even before the estimated turnaround time.

Range of industries that we serve

  • Automated assembly machinery

  • Building and construction

  • Process industry plant and equipment

  • Tools and Tooling

  • Heavy engineering

  • Automotive industries

  • Railway industries

  • Printing industries

  • Textile industries

  • Farm industries

  • Valve industries

  • Machine builders

Key Differentiators

Tesla is the one stop solution for all your 2D Mechanical Drawing requirements. We transfer abstract concept ideas to sound technical reality better than anyone and here’s why: