3D Product Modeling Services

Our unsurpassed ability to create ingenious and inspiring products guarantee you everlasting brand impression and success.

3D Product Modeling Services

We are your ultimate 3D Product Modeling Services provider. We extensive resources, skills and expertise cater to the requirements of a global client base spread across the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Europe.

Tesla Mechanical Designs is here to listen to all your product modeling needs and deliver on them through extensive research and state-of-the-art software technology used by our top-notch team of industry experts.

We understand what’s at stake! Our Product Modeling Services aim to provide our customers with exemplary 3D models that catapult them towards success through everlasting brand awareness among the masses.

Our experience and values empower us to exceed client expectations by making models that are sustainable, cost effective, have seamless user interface and are easy to manufacture and get serviced, all in a swift turnaround time.

We specialize in delivering precise and professional 3D Product Modeling Services

while ensuring convenient product manufacturability and utility.

3D Modeling services

Our expert team of engineers and designers help transform designs into fully functional and viable models by extensive use of the best and latest CAD software. Our models are highly informative and presentable, making them perfect for marketing purposes as well.

Sheet metal modeling

We abide by client specifications and latest industry standards to ensure safety and security while modeling sheet metal products and components. Our 3D Sheet Metal Models are created keeping in mind precision, durability, functionality and visual appeal.

Product Modeling & Rendering

Our extensive market experience has made us specialists of delivering finest product modeling and 3D rendering services. We create our models and renderings after extensive research and analysis to ensure that our client’s products resonate quality and trustworthiness.

3D Part Modeling Service

Our team of all-rounder industry experts dedicate their entire focus, knowledge and skills towards delivering unparalleled 3D Part Modeling Services that are precise and easy to understand for a convenient manufacturing process.

Assembly modeling service

We never shy away from a challenge. Although our team puts tremendous efforts into complex process of 3D Assembly Modeling, the results are always easily comprehensible, ensuring user clarity and convenience.

Reverse engineering service

Our team conducts in depth examination and analysis of physical or laser scan of product, part or machine. We understand its construction, composition and functioning, allowing us to provide exact and flawless 2D as well as 3D reverse engineering services.

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Our Process
Our immaculate 3D product model creation process makes it possible for us to catalyze inspiring results

Our in-house tam of highly skilled and competent engineers and designers stay in close contact with our clients to extract essential data like requirements, specifications, target audience, company vision and other details that help them get an in-depth insight into what the product should deliver to its end-user. We then conduct extensive market research such as past and current industry trends, projections, competitor product analysis, etc., following which we strategize our 3D modelling procedure and commence the project.
Next, we employ our abundant energy, skills and resources to focus on creating a 3D product model that has a multitude of uses. We guarantee uniqueness of product design that strongly highlight its USP, making it perfect for presentation and marketing purposes as well. We have been setting the standards for excellence higher each time with each of our 300+ products that we have completed till now.
We constantly stay in touch with the client throughout the modeling process which leaves nil chances for client disapproval after the final model is created. We still get a final confirmation from our clients before getting ready for dispatch. If at all there are any further changes instructed by our clients, they are quickly implemented. The final 3D product model is delivered to the client within or even before the estimated turnaround time.

Range of industries that we serve

  • Automated assembly machinery
    Automated assembly machinery
  • Building and construction
    Building and construction
  • Process industry plant and equipment
    Process industry plant and equipment
  • Tools and Tooling
    Tools and Tooling
  • Heavy engineering
    Heavy engineering
  • Automotive industries
    Automotive industries
  • Railway industries
    Railway industries
  • Printing industries
    Printing industries
  • Textile industries
    Textile industries
  • Farm industries
    Farm industries
  • Valve industries
    Valve industries
  • Machine builders
    Machine builders

Key Differentiators

Tesla Mechanical Design is here to help you transform your product ideas into reality through producing highly realistic 3D models and creating accurate prototypes after a thorough product designing process. Our services ensure smooth manufacturing process and a strong impact on users and investors.