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Tesla Mechanical Designs has successfully earned itself the tag of a reputed and trusted Product Development Services provider

Product Development Services

We, at Tesla, provide the most unique, inspiring and exclusive Mechanical Engineering Services for Product Development with time and cost efficiency perks to a global client base

We understand the time, energy and finances invested by our clients to provide their customers with superior products. We assist them in their journey towards success by dedicating our vast resources, knowledge and expertise into developing inspiring products for them. Our highly skilled and competent team of engineers and designers stop at nothing to achieve immaculate results that guarantee client satisfaction.

Our immersive experience of 15+ years has earned us the name of a reputed Product Development Company that is dedicated to delivering on client requirements and specifications with integrity while maintaining the highest level of client confidentiality. We ensure inculcation of client inputs in our product development process by frequent and clear client communication through a single point of contact via virtual meetings and work in progress product designs and models.

We make extensive use of our vast resources, constantly updated software and latest technology to deliver results that exceed client expectations. Our unsurpassed services cater to the Product Development requirements of a global client base spread across the US, UK, Europe, Australia and Canada.

Mechanical Design Services

Turning your concepts into reality.

Concept Design

Our team of best industry minds analyze and review client ideas and requirements. The also assess images, CAD files and hand drawn sketches provided by them. In the absence of such conceptual documentation from our clients, we provide them with rough sketch that explain our ideas based off their vision and goals. They then begin the process of transforming these abstract concept into reality and refine designs through feedbacks and inputs received via meetings.

Preliminary Designs

Next, we begin the process of transforming these abstract concept into reality and refine designs through feedbacks and inputs received via meetings. We then rapidly generate 3D models and images that are sent to clients for approval along with frequent progress updates to facilitate a rapid and collaborative development process.

Sample Prototyping

Professionals at Tesla then then convert these preliminary designs into physical prototypes using any of the numerous rapid prototyping process best suited for the requirements of a particular product. These prototypes are accurate, fully functional and are developed keeping in mind ease of mass manufacturability.

Design Optimization

The multidisciplinary team of experts, in collaboration with our clients analyze the initial prototype to identify design flaws, inconsistencies and opportunities for improvement. All deficiencies are resolved and an optimized digital product model is developed that is again transformed into a working prototype and the process goes in loop till the product is developed to client’s satisfaction.

Product Validation

Only after the client is completely satisfied with the results, we provide them with the deliverables while maintaining absolute confidentiality of project as well as client details. We deliver on our promises which is what earns us our client’s trust and loyalty.

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Product Development provides a competitive edge to companies especially when partnered with Tesla
You can gain a competitive edge by partnering with Tesla Outsourcing Services for your Product
Development requirements by taking advantage of the benefits we have to offer

Interdisciplinary set of team members employed by offshoring firms have considerable proficiency at developing products related to wide range of industries. This is especially useful for complex mechanical products that require expertise of professionals from various disciplines.
Professionals at Tesla constantly stay updates with dynamic industry as well as safety codes and guidelines. Thus, products are developed with strict adherence to latest applicable codes and standards, which is particularly crucial for developing heavy industrial machinery.
Experience and expertise acquired over the years allows outsourcing firms to design, model and develop products in a swift manner and at competitive rates. This gives a significant time and cost relief to firms as compared to opting for in house product development
Before beginning with the actual product development process, researchers conduct in depth market analysis of target customers, latest trends, competition, etc. to support the development of a unique product with high utility and value for end users.
Outsourcing allows access to constantly updated software applications, latest technology and the application of appropriate product development techniques to create products of exceptional quality.
Offshoring companies develop products keeping in mind client’s vision, mission and their customer requirements to ensure the end product resonates with the user and gains quick acceptance in market.

Range of industries that we serve

  • Automated assembly machinery
    Automated assembly machinery
  • Building and construction
    Building and construction
  • Process industry plant and equipment
    Process industry plant and equipment
  • Tools and Tooling
    Tools and Tooling
  • Heavy engineering
    Heavy engineering
  • Automotive industries
    Automotive industries
  • Railway industries
    Railway industries
  • Printing industries
    Printing industries
  • Textile industries
    Textile industries
  • Farm industries
    Farm industries
  • Valve industries
    Valve industries
  • Machine builders
    Machine builders

Key Differentiators

Tesla is a leading Mechanical Design Company that dedicates its top notch mechanical and designing expertise to provide unmatched Product Development Services