2D to 3D Modeling

To us, 3D modeling is not just about adding depth. We instil information, precision and of course, value.


Why look elsewhere when you already found your one stop solution to gain superior 3D Modeling Services?

Tesla Mechanical Designs is here to cater to all 3D modeling requirements. We provide pre-eminent 3D Modeling Services to an extensive client base spread across the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Europe. We have been setting the bar higher for quality, accuracy and client expectations witch each of our 300+ projects, each year for over 7 years now.

Our dedication to our client requirements, specifications and strict adherence to industry standards is reflected in all the 3D Models created by our highly competent team of mechanical engineers and designers.

We make extensive use of our tools, knowledge, skills and experience to tackle challenges and provide realistic 3D CAD Models wile efficiently managing time, quality and budget. Our 3D models are easy to understand and navigate for our clients, enabling them to take informed decisions before initiating the fabrication or manufacturing process.

Here’s what’s on our list of 2D to 3D Modeling Services3

3D Modeling from a Drawing File

Team Tesla consists of expert set of professionals with extensive experience that empower us to develop highly accurate and detailed 3D models from drawing files. We deliver 3D models developed from all file types including STEP, .obj, .STL, .ipt, .iam, .sldprt, .sldasm and other native 3D Modeling software files.

3D Modeling from PDFs or Printouts

Tesla harbors a highly trained set of mechanical engineers that understand and navigate their way through project complexities to deliver exceptionally precise and information-rich 3D models created from PDFs or printouts within the estimated time frame and at competitive prices.

Stimulation Check

After converting 2D cad designs into 3D models, we also perform environmental and operational stress tests to determine and ensure their continued functioning and assured durability under various possible conditions.

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Owing to our highly skilled set of team members that have significant proficiency across a wide range of software, Tesla can easily manage to work on any provided input of file type and deliver outputs in variety of file types.
We understand that successful manufacturing is the end-game for every product. Hence, we, at Tesla, convert 2D drawings to accurate, fully functioning and tested 3D models that are ideal for prototyping and manufacturing.
Professionals at Tesla constantly stay up to date with the latest technological and software trends and upgrades. They are highly motivated as well as flexible and adopt easily to changes through regular training and development.
Our multidisciplinary team of experts always have your back, no matter the project type and scope. We deliver on our promise of quality accuracy and integrity by always staying true to our capacity of providing you with exceptional results.
Professionals at Tesla Mechanical Designs conduct thorough stimulation tests to ensure the functioning and durability of your product against environmental and operational factors.

Range of Industries that we serve

  • Automobiles

  • Heavy Machinery

  • Industrial Plants

  • OEM and Equipment manufacturers

  • Building Products manufacturers

  • Wood & Metal Furniture manufacturers

  • Fabricated Metal & Alloy manufacturers

  • Oil & Gas

Key Differentiators

Tesla has always stood out of the crowd for their unrivaled 2D to 3D Modeling Services and here’s why?